Bill Cosby, Himself ()

directed by Bill Cosby
featuring Bill Cosby

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Some critics carped that the star of Bill Cosby, Himself delivered his nearly two-hour monologue while sitting down. "Look how lazy Cos has gotten!" went the complaint. Well, we can tell you that Cosby exudes more energy and charisma from a seated position than most younger comics do while jumping around the room. As an appreciative audience roars with laughter, Cosby holds court on any number of subjects, ranging from childbirth, to his views on substance abuse. Bill Cosby, Himself isn't really a movie, but fans of Cosby ...

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Jan 22, 2009

This is true comedy at it's best. My family and I watch the video together at least twice a year and we all still get good clean laughs from it. I would recommend this to anyone!!!

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