In this sequel to "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty", Beauty, once the Prince's favourite pleasure and the passionate plaything of his court, is being punished with banishment from the kingdom of carnal delights. She soon discovers, however, that punishment can be its own reward.

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dalila r

Apr 13, 2013

Worst read ever, waist of time!

Don't even know where to begin... This has been the worst book I've come across. I bought out of curiosity and what can I say curiosity killed the cat and I think a few of my brain cells along the way. I lost count of how many times someone got spanked for no good reason, it seemed to be the only thing the pages were filled with, spank, spank, spank. I thought Ms. rice was a serious writer and still scratching my head on how she could think that raping someone was right and sexy! WRONG! DON'T READ


Oct 8, 2009

Very different

Totally different from here usual subjects. Way off the wall. Somewhat disturbing. Riveting.


Jan 25, 2009

must read

If you enjoyed "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty" then this is a must read. It keeps you wondering what is going to happen next and is just as sensual if not more so than the first book.

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