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The best-selling and most widely accepted New Testament Greek textbook has just gotten better. The author has made the book more user-friendly and offers options to professors, particularly enabling them to introduce Greek verbs earlier as well as offering some made-up sentences to challenge the students.

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May 27, 2009

College level textbook, but user friendly

Laudits to William D. Mounce for a book which has a college level format and is very comprehensive. While we use this work in our Bible college as a language textbook, it stands alone in its user friendliness for the average reader.
A quick perusal of "Basics of Biblical Greek" can instantly acquaint the reader with a better posture for personal Bible study. This author's approach of providing both an overview and historical foundation enriches what would normally be considered mundane and toilsome study (of a foreign language).
The summations and the decimal system for easy reference have proven to be extremely helpful to the presiding professor in our Greek classes.
I have extracted from this book a number of techniques which will make me a better writer.
Thank you, William D. Mounce

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