Anthills of the Savannah


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Chris, Ikem and Beatrice are like-minded friends working under the military regime of His Excellency, the Sandhurst-educated President of Kangan. In the pressurized atmosphere of oppression and intimidation they are simply trying to live and love - and remain friends. But in a world where each day brings a new betrayal, hope is hard to cling on to. Anthills of the Savannah (1987), Achebe's candid vision of contemporary African politics, is a powerful fusion of angry voices. It continues the journey that Achebe began with ...

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Jul 23, 2009

Anthills of the Savannah

Although I am not a fiction reader, Chinua Achebe's writings always hold my interest and "Anthills" was no different. His in depth description and flawless development of characters in this book makes them very easy to understand and one can almost hear them talking in their thick West African accents as you read the book. The book flows seamlessly with no slow or lagging periods. It is constantly involvoing all of the characters and their intricacies. I read it in a day and a half and literally could not put it always, this is an excellent work by Mr. Achebe.

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