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The late journalist Randy Shilts' best-selling book on the burgeoning AIDS crisis was adapted for cable TV by Arnold Schulman. In 1981, researchers begin discerning a mysterious new disease that apparently affects only homosexual males (or so they thought at that time). Working independently, and with marked hostility toward one another, an American and a French research team manage to identify and name the dreaded HIV virus. The long-range effects of AIDS is experienced through the first- and secondhand experiences of ...


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Nov 4, 2010


GREAT DOCUDRAMA; Stars were numerous.
This brought forth information a lot of people are unaware of, I'm sure, in regards to the beginings of the aids virus. And the fact that scientists would rather argure over WHO was FIRST to discover WHAT seemed more important to some of them than trying to curb the spread of the disease, seemed frustrating. The movie actually had entranced from start to finish.

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