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The first feature from the 20th Century-Fox animation unit in Phoenix, Arizona, this is the ninth film produced and directed by the Don Bluth/Gary Goldman duo (An American Tail) and the first animated feature to be made in CinemaScope since Disney's Sleeping Beauty (1959). This $50 million animated fantasy retells the story of Anastasia, daughter of Czar Nicholas, beginning with her childhood in 1916 Russia. After Rasputin's curse on the Romanovs, little Anastasia is separated from her grandmother, the Dowager Empress Maria ...


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Jul 11, 2009

An excellent animated film!

Anastasia is wonderful, family friendly film that will warm hearts and excite everyone. Although it toys the real history of the Russian Revolution, the fantasy and spectacle manage to leave the tweaks as ignored.

The story is of Anya, an orphan troubled with amnesia of her past and in search for it, who stumbles upon Dimitri, who is trying to find and present someone as the missing Grand Duchess Anastasia to her grandmother in Paris. Because the only clue to Anya's past is her locket that reads "TOGETHER IN PARIS", she reluctantly follows his plans along with his sidekick Vladmir and her dog. But the secret turns out to be that Anya is really Anastasia and that's she being watched by the sorcerer Rasputin, hoping to finalize his curse against the Romanov family by taking Anastasia's life.

Filled with colorful animation, lovely songs, great characters and a plot stuffed with action, romance, drama and even comedy, Anastasia is well done animated film and I would suggest buying it ASAP!

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