Acts 1-12 MacArthur New Testament Commentary


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This New Testament commentary series reflects the objective of explaining and applying Scripture. It is not lingusitically technical, but deals with linguistics when necessary for proper interpretation. It is not primarily homiletical, although each unit of thought is generally treated as one chapter, with a clear outline and logical flow of thought.

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May 29, 2015

Best commentaries ever:

Apart from the Bible, the MacArthur New Testament Commentary is the greatest series of books in the history of the written word.

Dr. John MacArthur has been pastor of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles since 1969. During that time, he has preached verse-by-verse through the entire New Testament. The commentary chapter divisions are (essentially) derived from those individual sermons.

The essence of MacArthur's credibility is his unswerving devotion to the Divine inspiration, and therefore the inerrancy and authority, of the Bible. Dr. MacArthur has said: "The only logical response to inerrant Scripture is to preach it expositionally. By that, I mean preaching in such a way that the meaning of the Bible passage is presented entirely and exactly as it was intended by God." This commitment results in content that is consistently and faithfully evangelical, because, as he explains: "Over the years of teaching the word of God without a lot of presuppositions, I tend to conclude whatever I believe the exegetical process yields."

But, although MacArthur has successfully disentangled himself from the straightjacket of agenda-driven or tradition-mandated, outcome-based theology-paying no tribute to conformity with any human opinion-he is by no means a doctrinal libertine. He is manifestly committed to declaring "the whole counsel of God" (Acts 20:27), and yet equally determined "not to exceed what is written" (2 Corinthians 4:6). This honest, forthright handling of Scripture renders MacArthur's work refreshingly free of the ear-tickling theology demanded by human preference.

The subject matter of Scripture is always presented with credence as trustworthy, dynamic, living truth that has urgent and immediate application for every reader. And MacArthur is a master at explaining the Bible with the Bible by comparing parallel passages, citing cross references with similar details, doctrines, or concepts, and appealing to Scriptural examples as the best demonstration of Scriptural principles. As a result, his sermons and commentaries have broad appeal and relevance in any and every culture or time period.

The format of the commentary series is designed for maximum convenience, with helpful features for quick reference and more in-depth study. In every volume and every chapter, the message of the Word of God is presented with clarity and concision that will readily appeal to the most serious Bible student, and yet the content is not overly technical so as to be too laborious for a layman.

Most importantly, the Bible is always handled in the reverential manner befitting Divine revelation. The rich information and detail that is presented about God and His truth is always accompanied by a convicting call to practical application in sincere obedience, as the Lord Jesus said: "If you know these things, you are blessed if you do them" (John 13:17).

This governing principle for the commentary project is given by Dr. MacArthur in the series Preface, which appears at the outset of every volume: "My prayer is that each reader will fully understand what the Holy Spirit is saying through this part of His word, so that His revelation may lodge in the minds of believers and bring greater obedience and faithfulness-to the glory of our great God.":

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