A Man Called Peter ()

directed by Henry Koster
featuring Richard Todd, Jean Peters, Marjorie Rambeau, Jill Esmond, Les Tremayne, Billy Chapin

Show Synopsis

A Man Called Peter is the story of Scottish-born Presbyterian minister and world-renowned author Peter Marshall, here played by Richard Todd. In his youth, Marshall moves to Washington DC, where he becomes pastor of the Church of the Presidents. His wisdom and conviction enables Marshall to communicate with men of all faiths. In private life, the pastor is given moral support by his loyal wife Catherine Marshall (Jean Peters). At the time of his comparatively early death, Marshall has become chaplain of the US Senate. ...


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Diane H

Jan 30, 2016

Really Great Story of Peter Marshall

I'm not quite finished yet, but I continue to be amazed at Peter Marshall's life and the way he depended on God.

[email protected]

Sep 30, 2010

The Sermons Alone!

The Sermons alone are worth this movie. What I didn't realize is was given the book with the same title as this movie from my Great Aunt 35 yrs ago and never read it but some how hung on to it all those years and as I was watching it I thought the title sounded familiar and sure enough it was the same. I have no idea how I didn't hear of this Preacher long before this but every Christian needs to see this movie and read the book well I don't mean just Christians can use this movie and book to show non believers how a true Christian rely s totally on Christ!


Dec 10, 2009

Our hope - a treasure of our heritage

This movie is awesome and a true story that can inspire and encourage us all through the difficult times we live to turn to the one true God for our salvation, strength and direction. Often individuals fail to recognize the importance of salvation in Yeshua (Jesus), the power of the Spirit and living a life according to the Scriptures. Peter Marshall's close walk with God is evidenced in this movie by his actions and the many lives he blessed. This movie's message is a timeless blessing to all that will listen with an open heart to God. It is also a joy to watch.

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