A Light In The Attic


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There's a light on in the attic. I can see it from outside, And I know you're on the inside ... lookin' out. Step inside the mind of Shel Silverstein and you'll discover a magic homework machine, a Polar Bear in the fridge and a Meehoo With an Exactlywatt. But beware stolen knees, the babysitter who likes to squash children - and the nighttime peril of the Whatifs! This is the second book of beloved poems and pictures from the marvellous master of nonsense, Shel Silverstein.

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Michael P

Dec 6, 2014

Great poetry

I consider Shel Silverstien a classic poetry author, suitable for all ages

Steven N

Feb 17, 2011

A favorite

My 8 year old daughter loves the book - she has Where The Sidewalk Ends and really enjoys both. I have heard various poems from this book because she likes to read them to me. All are good. Highly recommended.


Jan 27, 2011

children's poetry

This is a classic, right up there with Dr.Seus. Every child I've every shared this with has suddenly realised that poetry can be fun.


Mar 14, 2009


Excellent poetry book! I would recommend this book to children, parents and teachers, as the poems are charming and fun!


Sep 20, 2007


This is kid friendly poetry. I used collect all of Silverstein's book. He is funny poet and the drawings match with the tone of the book. This is a real good way to spark a kid's interest in poetry. He isn't dull, but silly and fun.

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