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The action in A Big Hand for the Little Lady centers around a high-stake poker game. The participants include some of the wealthiest men in the West (among them Jason Robards Jr., Kevin McCarthy, Charles Bickford and Paul Ford). Into this rarefied atmosphere trudges impoverished farmer Henry Fonda, who despite the protests of his wife Joanne Woodward plunks down his last dollars to join the game. Halfway through the proceedings, Fonda falls ill. With quiet desperation, Woodward sits down daintily at the table and says in a ...

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Jun 9, 2015

A funny, funny western movie high on my hit parade

The cast is super, the plot is excellent, at every turn, there is a better one coming! Just sit back and enjoy! Hard to find at a reasonable cost, but worth it when you watch it. When I'm tired of TV - this is my pick of the 100+ DVDs I have on Hand!

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