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Blake Edwards' 10 stars Dudley Moore as George, a Mancini-type songwriter. Approaching middle age, George feels as if life is passing him by, especially his sex life. Despite the presence of longtime lady friend Sam (Julie Andrews) in his life, he becomes obsessed from afar with Jenny (Bo Derek), who is engaged to be married. Following her to Mexico without her knowledge, George arranges a meeting with Jenny by saving the life of her fiancé, David (Sam Jones). Once he has made her acquaintance, George suddenly finds himself ...

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Sep 4, 2010

Only Watchto See Bo Derek, sadly

Watch so you can see Bo Derek and the Aphrodite she is. Here's what's happened here, so bias may be in play. I watched "Clue" and reviewed it. I watched "10" and then "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" before I came back to write this. Three comedies and "10" is the totem's low image. It is a fair exam and depiction of masculine menopause. Moore does a good job of dialogue delivery but it's just not funny. In fact it works to expoit the beauty of Derek by portraying her in a 'loose' manner. Russ Meyer may have been less expoitative of his women than Blake Edwards and John Derek were and that idea drops the relevancy of this film and the need to see it to the bottom of the queue. Sorry, it's better than the bottom layer but it's down there. They don't even play Ravell's "Bolero" to conclusion or uninterupted and that music was a big play on the selling of the film (Look up "Bolero" and you find John Derek again capitalizing on his wife and the song in a poor manner)

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